Zully DiLascio



Your time is Valuable!

Your time is valuable and part of your goal is to maximize your time spent with top producing clients.  Where do you start?  Take a look at the complete contact list provided by your company that contains thousands of names on it.  That in itself can be daunting.  Does that list contain all the information you need to get in front of the right people?  Probably not. The fancy and expensive CRM system your company uses is only as good as the data entered.  Just like in life, changes happen every day and unless your internal is keeping up with those 1000 people on your list, you will be wasting time calling and emailing wrong numbers/email addresses on the list.  This is a big waste of time!   

Here at Timefficient, a big part of our role is to provide wholesalers with the most current contact information for each advisor in their territory. Your productivity depends on this one big factor and that is not found in your high tech CRM.  Stop missing big opportunities due to the lack of information provided to you.

If you need help organizing and developing a strategic rotation plan, contact me @203-775-0444.   I can help you get organized and create a more effective territory management system to increase your productivity.


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